Reading Activity at Lew Trenchard

1st February 2020

At Lew Trenchard C of E Primary we have been focusing on developing a life-long love of reading. Here are some of the ideas we have introduced so far.

Before Christmas, we had a visit from The Book People Book Bus and took the whole school on in groups to choose books for each class, kindly funded by the Friends of the School.

As adults, we aim for our school community  to be good role models for our pupils by showing them our love of books and reading too. We have introduced a Book Swap by the School Office, where parents, carers and staff are able to donate and/or take books.

The whole staff got involved shortly before Christmas to put together a list of 100 Books to Read Before You Leave Lew Trenchard. Our display shows the books already shared with pupils this year, and the children really love it – even creating some artwork at home after a story shared in Collective Worship!

Our lovely new library has been stocked with books from the Devon Library Service. This week the whole school were taken in groups on to the Mobile Library in order to help us choose a whopping 160 new books for the children to enjoy.

In Pre-School and Great Links children vote daily for their class book, allowing them to express their choices. Pre-School also share weekly nursery rhymes, as well as having their own borrowing library – allowing even the youngest of our children to develop an early love of reading and books. All of the other classes also get a vote on their class read.

Every week Brentor and Oke Tor write their book recommendations, using ‘BookFlix’. This is developing their summarising skills and raising awareness of different types of books that they may not have know about before.

We have also been working hard on developing our class reading areas.