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School Dinners

School Dinners should be paid for in advance on the School Money website (see link below) - please see Tracey or Bex in the office if you have any problems with this.

Please let us know if your child has any dietary requirements or allergies.

School Dinners are £2.30 per meal but are free to Years Reception - Year 2

If School Dinner payments are not kept up to date we will need to stop providing school dinners. This is to support parents and families so that they do not build up large debts - this becomes more difficult to pay and can impact upon the schools budget for teaching and learning.

School dinners may be available for free if you are receiving certain benefits. Your child may also be entitled to pupil premium funding which can help with their education and wider activities. Please follow the link below to find out if your child is entitles to free schools meals and pupil premium.
Check Out our Yummy School Dinner Menu
Check if your child in entitled to free school meals or pupil premium funding.
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