Attendance and Late/Absence Procedures

Why is good attendance in school important?

Please take the time to read our 'Good Attendance' leaflet. Paper copies are available in the school office.

In light of the significant amount of school absences in recent years, the Department for Education have put out new guidelines and statutory expectations for school attendance that we as schools must follow.

Attendance is crucial in securing good learning outcomes for your child. We will only authorise absences for medical reasons/appointments or family events listed in the exceptional circumstances - for example, an immediate family wedding/funeral. We cannot authorise any other holiday, eg., for birthdays, family visits, get-togethers.

Any absence must be formally requested via the form available from the school office.

Thank you for your support in this matter of vital importance.
Late/Absence Procedures

  • If your child is unwell or will miss school or pre-school for any reason you need to inform us before 9.05am
  • Please make sure you have back up contacts in case of emergencies
  • Please make sure you inform us of any changes to contacts
  • If you do not inform us of an unplanned absence we will call all of your listed contacts until we are able to check the reason for your absence (this does take up a lot of staff time and can cause unnecessary concerns, so please let us know)
  • Attendance is expected to be 97% or above. Anything lower than this means that a child is missing a significant part of their schooling and this can impact upon progress and attainment.
  • As a school, we are not able to authorise planned leave unless there are extenuating circumstances and all requests must be put in writing to Miss Davy using the absence request form.