Changes to the School day

19th April 2021

Change of School Times

Dear Parents,

The school’s leaders and governors have proposed that our school times are changed from September 2021.  This feels like a good time to put these changes in place as we have been getting used to different times due to the staggered start and finish times during Covid.

The new school day times would be:

9 am until 3.15pm.

We would like pupils to be dropped off from 8.45am ready for learning to start at 9am.

The reasons for these changes are as follows:

  • For pupils, educationally, the new times are better for pupils as research shows pupils’ learning is better in the morning and this allows us to increase morning times.
  • For parents, this allows a drop off prior to the normal start of a working day.
  • For staff, this brings us into line with the rest of our Trust schools, allowing staff to attend Trust training after school.

We hope you agree with our reasoning behind this decision.  If you have any feedback or questions, please email them to the school, by the 30th April.

Many thanks

Louise Hussey

Executive Headteacher