Sustainability and Climate Change Curriculum at Lew Trenchard

Our school vision for sustainability and climate change education:


Directly linked to our Church School Ethos, we educate pupils to see the awe and wonder in the world around us daily.  Through the education we provide our children, we hope to ignite in our pupils a life-long passion and ambition to improve our environment, to work to reverse climate change and to take care and responsibility for their own actions and inspire others to do the same, underpinned by our school values of kindness, responsibility and respect.


Actions we are taking as a school to achieve this:


Educating pupils about the impact of humans on our climate and environment and everything in it, including how this endangers many species of animals and leads to climate disasters. Pupils will learn about how poorer countries are disproportionately affected by climate change.  National and Global Climate news will be shared through lessons, Collective Worship and Picture News assemblies.  Children will be taught to think critically about the issues, considering all points of view.  They will be encouraged to debate, question, persuade and take action, developing courageous advocacy not only within the school community, but beyond.


All pupils will take part in one geography climate focused theme topic a year. They will also experience other opportunities through enrichment, such as Pop22 and other National campaigns and events, to link and apply their previous learning and broaden their knowledge and understanding of the complexes of our changing world.


Through our Collective Worship and RE teaching, we will explore many aspects of awe, wonder and spirituality with the children and consider how God wants us to take care of our world and the animals in it.


In science, we will explore the issues and solutions around climate change and environmental damage, linking this to our other theme learning.


We will teach the pupils care and responsibility through working outside in our school and local environment to develop a sense of place and connection with our regional plants and animals.


Providing pupils with the opportunities to be active participants in our rewilding project and sustaining the positive impact that this is having.


As a wider school community (staff, families, governors and stakeholders) we endeavour to embed sustainable thinkers to be at the forefront of our climate movement. Not only aiming to reduce waste – paper, food, plastics and energy, but explore options for funding more sustainable sources for energy. We want our learners to grow as change makers with a passion to make informed decisions and choices for sustainable lifestyle choices.


We will continually strive to grow in knowledge and serve with joy, reflecting on our responsibilities, actions and impacts on our world from our doorstep to the other side of the ocean.

Miss Liz Davy

Head of School

Sustainability and Climate Change lead

Devon and Cornwall School Sustainability Network
At Lew Trenchard we are very proud to be playing an active role in the Devon and Cornwall School Sustainability Network. We have termly opportunities to share our knowledge and experiences with like minded school communities across the region, who are passionate and committed to learning and living more sustainably.