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Yes Tor

Welcome to Yes Tor Class!


Yes Tor is where our learning journey begins. Yes Tor is made up of Pre school and Reception working as one foundation stage. We have a lovely room which allows us to be independent in our learning by having the freedom to choose whether to be inside or out. 


Our curriculum is child led meaning that all our learning is based on the children's interests at that moment in time. We have 7 areas of learning which are split in to 2 parts which are the Prime and Specific areas. The Prime areas are Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), Communication and Language (C&L) and Physical Development (PD). When children have a strong basis of these prime areas our children are able to become well- rounded individuals who have developed a love for learning.


We are always encouraging our children to be as independent as they can be and take ownership of their learning by being resilient, reflective and collaborative amongst their peers.



Understanding Phonics