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Centenary of Remberance

Remembrance - Yesterday was a very poignant day for us here in school. We had the fantastic Sarah and Bridget from RE-Treat here in school to help us to commemorate the WW1 Centenary. We were reminded of
our own personal quest to be brave and honest in an entertaining drama sketch and the children have been busy throughout the school with art activities and writing challenges which have allowed them to fully embrace the importance of honouring human endeavour in all its beautiful forms. Keith (Mr Sutherland!) came to pipe us in and out of our two minute silence and the music he played helped us all to feel immersed in our own thoughts of history and thankfulness. The children have been sensitive and reflective and they are truly a credit to all of you. What a joy it is to work with such amazing children. Thanks go to Casper for reading Flanders Fields so beautifully and also to Ghislaine for sharing her self-penned poem of remembrance. 11/11/18 100 years, 100 poppies made in our school to commemorate each year.