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Church Values and Vision

Our Vision

We are dedicated to the provision of a stimulating, rigorous, creative and balanced education for all pupils. We firmly believe that it is our duty to bring the best out of all of our children in order to discover and nurture their talents.

Our Vision: We seek to educate our children through the core Christian values of kindness, responsibility and respect, encouraging them to live aspirational and fulfilled lives.

Together we grow in wisdom and serve with joy.

Our Values

We link this to the Christian values and beliefs that underpin the teaching and pastoral support that we offer here in our school. We believe in a reflective environment which supports children to attain the skills and empathy required to treat others as they wish to be treated.

Our core Christian values: Our focus Christian values are those of kindness, responsibility and respect and these are reflected in our teaching, Collective Worship and wider school activities and celebrations.


School Prayer – Whole School writing project in

Collective Worship December 2017

Dear Lord,

Thank-you for giving us a school that helps us to look after the world,

Thank-you for giving us a school who helps us to be who we are,

Thank you for our healthy school and yummy school dinners.

Thank-you for the shelter and warmth of our school and for helping us to build a community.

Our school helps us to build our lives and help each other and for this we thank you.

We pray for a school free of unkindness and full of peace.

We ask you to help us to treat others as we would like to be treated.

We hope and pray that our friends at school will be our friends for life.

Thank-you for our school.