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Brentor is a brilliant, bubbly place to learn and the children have a really positive, happy attitude towards their school life. Learning in Brentor is focused on lighting fires rather than filling minds and we place an emphasise on becoming independent thinkers. Mistakes are great! They are vital!


I have been really impressed how the children have hit the ground running this year and the respect they show within the school environment. The class is mostly year 4 and we are the smallest class in the school with 20 children currently.





Reading is powerful in lots of ways and can aid many different areas within their learning journeys. It helps them to be better spellers, more creative and imaginative and more comfortable with writing so an encouragement to read as much as possible is important.


Even though old fashioned in its appearance, being able to recall times table facts quickly is crucial in Maths. It makes many areas easier to grasp including; fractions, division, area, shape and many more. We practise lots at school, but any extra at home will always be appreciated.


Children will be notified when there is a new grid in their yellow homework books. I will try and make the tasks clear and the method to be used explicatively shown and they can tick them once completed.


Thank you 

Class Dojo

At the beginning of the year the class selected the behaviour and learning characteristics that would earn them points. These naturally matched our school values of respect, responsibility and kindness. On a fortnightly Friday reward cards are given out with different rewards depending on the amount of Dojo points earnt in those weeks. Image result for class dojo

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