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Come and meet the staff in our school!


             Louise Hussey          Sally Powell           Bex Massey            Tracey Hunt           Sue Fairgrieve

Executive Head Teacher   Head of School       Administrator         Administrator         Family & Child

                                                                                                                                     Support Advisor


         Mrs Abbott-Bray              Mrs Sutherland          Mr Reeve              Mr Elliott              Alison Harris

                Yes Tor                       Great Links Tor          Brentor                Fox Tor                Caretaker &

             Foundation Stage             Year 1 & 2              Year 3 & 4              Year 5 & 6               Mealtime

               Class Teacher               Class Teacher          Class Teacher         Class Teacher         Assistant


        Lenka Peryer    Ewa Dobrowski-Berryman     Justine Spargo          Kay Roberts              Kim Devine

      Learning Support               Meal-Time            Learning Support         Meal-Time                Early Years

           Assistant                       Assistant                 Assistant                 Assistant                 Apprentice


         Lisa McMorrow              Liz Loud                 Lynda Pellow             Matt Knight          Sharon Thorp

       Learning Support           Meal-Time            Literacy Support     Learning Support          Teaching

            Assistant                  Assistant                   Assistant                 Assistant               Assistant


          Sam Lambert          Barbara Dawkins        Wendy Hobbs            Linda Johns       Anne-Marie Lethbridge

            Teaching            Teaching Assistant           Teaching             Kitchen Manager          Early Years

           Assistant        & Breakfast Club Leader      Assistant    (& cook of yummy dinners!)     Assistant


                                         Rachel Foster              Tina Vallance               Trudi Owen

                                      Learning Support              Pre-School                 Meal-Time

                                           Assistant                       Manager                   Assistant