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Archaeology Week


We have been learning about archaeologists and their jobs this week in school. Fox Tor have learned about what their job entails and how they go about finding and recording objects and how they piece together clues from their finds to help them understand more about our history.


We had a great time Mark and Amy's on Tuesday morning.

The class made many amazing finds including two Victorian coins, a perfume bottle, fragments of a clay pipe, an old key and many fragments of china and pottery. The children carefully removed the items from the ground and cleaned them up in order to help them work out what they were.


The objects that have been found as a school will be put on display after half term in a 'pop-up museum' in school for all to look at.


Welcome to Fox Tor!


Welcome back to a new school year. I still can't get used to referring to the Year 5/6 class as Fox Tor and not Great Links! 

Although it has been a classroom change for some children, we have all settled well into our new learning space.


This is set to be a busy term, with a school trip (hopefully) and some outside visitors coming to provide us with exciting insights into out topic work.


Our Topic across the school this term is The Romans. Please see the Autumn Term overview to get an idea of what your children will be studying this term.

Any Concerns?


As always, if you should have any worries or concerns about your child/children or the work we are doing in Fox Tor, please feel free to catch me after school. I am slowly learning the faces of the Year 5 parents - bear with me and I'll get there!

I am always out on the playground after school Tuesday - Friday (Monday is my planning and assessment time and so I am not in school).


Mr Elliott.

Class Dojo

We will hopefully be using Class Dojo within the classroom this year as a positive reward scheme. The children will be able to earn points during the day for different aspects of their learning, which they will be able to trade in for a range of quirky rewards from spending time with a friend playing games at the end of the day to being able to use my chair for the day instead of their usual one!


At the moment we are experiencing issues with the Class Dojo site, but we should be back up and running soon!


Update: Class Dojo is now up and running, so we will be using this in class from this week!